What Clients Are Saying

Kind and Patient

“I would like to let you know how appreciative I am for all of your help. Although I at first felt I was out of my element, Kenny was so kind and patient with me. In future I would like to conduct all of my art-related business through Ackerman’s. I cannot think of a better, kinder person to deal with where art is concerned. Thank you again for all of your help!”

Lee Ann D.
Potomac Falls, VA

Professional Service and Prompt Payment

“When I communicated to Mr Ackerman about my painting he was professional and to his word. Also, getting a prompt payment was very nice.”

Jose R.
Manhattan Beach, CA

Professional and Responsive

“Mr. Ackerman was very professional and responded quickly to my needs. I trusted his knowledge and honesty. When we came to an agreement payment was made immediately. Thank you Kenny.”

Dan T.
Salinas, CA

Great Respect

“Ackerman’s, I write you this note with great respect. Your professionalism and kindness is a wonderful beam of light in a world of dark enterprise where often it is dog eat dog. You do your profession proud. Clearly, as we both know, this kind of action and follow through comes from intrinsic values. I salute you.”

William G.
San Antonio, TX

Excellent Service, Prompt Payment

“We had many galleries to choose from and we are glad we chose Ackerman’s. They were very fair and explained everything to us before consummating the sale of our painting, which had been in our family for many years. Excellent service and prompt payment. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell fine art.”

Frederick T.
New York, NY

An Absolute Pleasure

“Selling artwork is a daunting task for the typical person but you made the experience interesting and best of all, rewarding. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Ackerman’s.”

Larry S.
Wilton, CT

Efficient and Professional

“I consigned a painting with Ackerman’s Fine Art around May of 2016. Dealing with them was easy and straight forward. We agreed on a target price for the painting and they went ahead and did what they do. Several months later they communicated an offer to me which was very close to the target and asked if I wanted to accept or keep going. Since I was wanting the funds from the sale for another investment I decided to accept the offer. The funds less their agreed upon commission, which I thought was fair, were wired into my account quickly with the entire experience was efficient and professional. I would definitely work with them again the next time I’m interested in buying or selling a work of art.”



Jeffrey S.
Beverly Hills, CA

Unrivaled Attention to Detail

Buffet | Delage Torpedo | Ackerman's Fine Art
“I truly appreciate your kind advice over the course of my art purchase. Thank you for making all aspects of the process very clear to me. Your attention to every detail, from purchase to delivery is unrivaled.”
Vladimir N.
Hong Kong

Patience and Understanding

Joseph Leyendecker | Ackerman's Fine Art

“We had a wonderful experience doing business with Ackerman’s Fine Art. We greatly appreciated your patience and understanding of Fine Art. We would recommend you to all our friends.”

Sandra L.
Manhattan, NY

All Expectations Met

“I was referred to Ackerman’s Fine Art by a trust officer in New York. I found the Ackerman’s Fine Art web site and made direct contact with Mr. Ackerman regarding the sale of a painting. Mr. Ackerman made sure I understood the services he provided and what he could and could not do. Within a short period of time, Mr. Ackerman performed exactly as he said he would. All of my expectations were met.”

T. Gallmeyer
Fort Wayne, IN

Open and Honest

“The folks at Ackerman’s were very kind and I felt very comfortable doing business with them. I thank you for being so open and honest with me.”

Barbara Z.
Destin Beach, FL

We Love It

“The painting arrived safely. We love it. You can count me among your satisfied customers!! Thank you!”

Michael K.
Memphis, TN

I Would Use No Other Art Expert

“I had Kenny from Ackerman’s Fine Art at my home. I found him to be very gracious and very kind. I have a sick sister and he made sure he was not bothering her in any way. He was very informative. I would use no other art expert. He is the last true gentleman.”

Martha F.
Edison, NJ

Thank You

Charles Camoin | Ackerman's Fine Art

“We’ve just received the Camoin and we really like it, thank you! This is our first business together, and we would be happy to buy other paintings from you in the future. “

Galerie Alexis Pentchefe
Marseille, France

Honest, Professional, Courteous

“Kenny is an honest art dealer who will treat you professionally and courteously. If you are unsure about the fine art world, as I was, it will be very reassuring to work with someone of character, is very detailed and is willing to walk you through the process step by step. You would be making a good choice when calling on Ackerman’s Fine Art.”

Mario M.
Cumming, GA

Knowledgeable Professionals

Cassigneul | Ackerman's Fine Art

“Admittedly, I was a little weary consigning such a valuable painting to Ackerman’s, however, it turned out to be a great experience. Not only did my painting sell quicker than I thought it would, but to my delight I received substantially more than the Consignment Agreement called for. Kenny and his staff are knowledgeable professionals who are kind, honest and go the extra mile for their clients. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell fine art.”

Andy L.
Boca Raton, FL

Simple, Fair & Fast

Grimshaw | Ackerman's Fine Art

“Our experience with Ackerman’s Fine Art and their staff was simple and straightforward. We were quoted a fair price and offered a contract to buy. Within 48 hours of shipping our painting we had the money in our bank account. We could not have asked for a more pleasant experience from some very friendly people.”

John & Coleen B.
Lake Tahoe, NV

Highest Recommendation

“It was truly a pleasure dealing with Ken and his assistant. I was very impressed with Ken’s knowledge, professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile to get the purchase of our collection completed. Ken has my highest recommendation and is certainly someone I would do business with again. Thanks Ken!”

Dave G.
West Islip, NY

Knowledgeable, Compassionate, Ethical

“I found Mr. Ackerman while looking for an expert on John G. Brown. Not only did I find an expert, I found one of the most knowledgeable, compassionate and ethical people. I would deal with Kenny again.”

Silvana L.
Roseville, CA

Integrity and Professionalism

“It was a great experience selling my artwork through Ackerman’s Fine Art. The successful transaction of artwork was possible thanks to the knowledge, integrity and professionalism of Kenny Ackerman. He provided me a fair market price, which was what I expected to receive.”

Alba P.
Rye, NY

Great Trust and Honesty

“In these times of mistrust, I was pleased to do business with Ackerman’s. They were professional, cordial and trustworthy. We conducted our business over 1700 miles away on the phone. I never felt neglected or ignored and my phone calls and emails were answered promptly. I was kept informed about my painting (while going through the authentication process) and we finally concluded our business with great trust and honesty.”

Nicoletta T.
Houston, TX

Integrity Beyond Question

Jean Dufy | Ackerman's Fine Art

“It has been a pleasure having an artistic business relationship with Kenny Ackerman. His honesty and integrity are beyond question. My wife and I truly enjoyed working with him on every level.”

Gary G.
Goshen, NY


Chagall | Vase de Fleurs a L’ananas | Ackerman's Fine Art

“It was wonderful working with the folks at Ackerman’s. We hope you enjoy the piece and have great luck with it!”

Lon M.
Greenwood Lake, CO

A Joy To Do Business With

“I could not be happier with the smoothness of our transaction and the professionalism shown by Ackerman’s Fine Art. Mr. Ackerman was a joy to do business with, and I would not hesitate to do business with him again.”

Kate H.
Van Alstyne, TX

Great Experience

“I had a great experience with Ackerman’s Fine Art. They had my painting authenticated and cleaned quickly and efficiently and at a very reasonable cost. They also sold the painting much more quickly than we expected and at a significantly higher selling price than we anticipated. We are very pleased with the process, and Kenny made us comfortable each step of the way. We will look to Ackerman’s for all of our future art sales.”

Michael H.
Frederick, MD

Everything Was Perfect

“I received the painting and it is wonderful. The painting was delivered as scheduled and everything was perfect. You hadn’t even told me of the quality of the frame, which is superb. I will highly recommend Ackerman’s to anyone looking to buy quality fine art. And I assure you that I’ll be back to your well in short order. You guys are the best!”

Mark J.
Bethesda, MD

Caring and Transparent

“I was expecting the process of selling my father-in-law’s painting to be like trying to sell a car, dealing with the usual stereotype car dealer/art dealer. I was wrong. Mr. Ackerman was very caring and completely transparent in the process and took the time to teach me about the process of selling art. Mr. Ackerman also knew everything about my artists work. I was blown away with his knowledge. The best part was, I received more for the painting than I had expected. I even recently gave him another painting to sell for me. I highly recommend and know you can trust Mr. Ackerman.”

Andy L.
New York

Knowledge, Enthusiasm, And A Keen Eye

Francis Picabia | Ackerman's Fine Art

“Kenny Ackerman brings knowledge and enthusiasm, a keen eye, and a Gentleman’s word to the business of buying and selling art. I have very high regard for him and his intuitive understanding of the balance between art as enjoyment and art as business.”

Louis M.
Greenwich, CT

Accurate Judgment And Pricing

Roland Petersen | Ackerman's Fine Art

“I had an enjoyable experience dealing with Kenny. He has a wonderful eye and if he informs you that a painting is of exceptional quality you can trust his judgement. His pricing is an accurate reflection of the market, he communicates promptly and your painting arrives on time as promised in a secure package.”

Joey P.
West Palm Beach, FL

Expertise, Experience, And Accuracy

Knight | Young Woman Picking Flowers | Ackerman's Fine Art

“After calling several dealers of fine art I made the decision to do business with Ackerman’s Fine Art. Their expertise, experience, and accurate estimate of the paintings’ value helped me to quickly make decisions with which I had no experience. Their prompt payment upon delivery of the paintings was also very much appreciated.”

Tim W.
San Diego, CA

Honest and Straightforward

“During the course of selling artwork to Ackerman’s, they were honest, straightforward, made me aware of all my options, and kept their word. In short, Mr. Ackerman is a gentleman and a pleasure to work with.”

Tom R.
Centerport, NY

A Relationship of Mutual Trust

“It is thanks to the internet that I discovered Ackerman’s Fine Art. I have never met AFA’s team in person, but ever since our first exchanges a relationship of mutual trust has been established between us. I spoke on the phone or corresponded by email both in French with Lauren, and in English with Kenny. The painting arrived in Paris in excellent condition and in accordance with Kenny’s promises. It was a real pleasure to deal with Ackerman’s Fine Art.”

Lily P.
Paris, France

The Transaction Was Flawless

“Mr. Ackerman was accessible, courteous, and totally reliable in helping me dispose of a painting held in my collection for quite some time. Communications were conducted by phone and email and the transaction was flawless.”

John H.
Asheville, NC

Knowledgeable And Trustworthy

“I am very pleased with the painting that I recently purchased from the Ackerman Gallery. I look forward to future transactions with this knowledgeable and trustworthy dealer.”

Mark C.
Farmington, UT

An Absolute Pleasure

Eugene Boudin | Beaulieu: La Baie de Saint-Jean | Ackerman's Fine Art

“Dealing with Ackerman’s Fine Art was an absolute pleasure. Ackerman’s is highly professional and responded lightning-fast to my needs as an art seller. Altogether a completely enjoyable and worry-free experience to work with Mr. Ackerman and I would definitely do so again in the future.”

Alison L.
Princeton, NJ

A Painless Process At A Difficult Time

Valtat | Danseuses | Ackerman's Fine Art

“Selling a piece of art from my late sister’s estate was a painful prospect until I spoke with Kenny Ackerman. His honesty, compassion and knowledge of art made the entire process painless and prompt. He left no room for anxiety and communicated directly by phone and emails. He paid upon delivery. I cannot recommend him enough and I remain very grateful for his professional and personalized service.”

Yvett S.
Chevy Chase, MD

Quick Response, Competitive Price

“I would like to express my gratitude to Kenny and his fine staff at Ackerman’s Fine Art. I contacted the gallery to inquire about the possibility of selling a painting I had inherited. After receiving a very quick response and speaking with Kenny, I entrusted him and the gallery with the sale of the painting. The gallery managed the arrangements for shipment from California to New York, and most importantly, obtained a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for the painting in question. From past experience, I firmly believe that having a reputable, well-established art gallery present a painting or other artwork to the expert or authority for authentication will receive greater consideration. The painting was sold several months later at a very competitive price, and I was kept abreast of any and all updates during the sales process. Kenny and his staff made all the arrangements necessary for the safe, quick, and economical shipment of the artwork to its new owner. Thank you, Kenny, once again for your services and friendship.”

Anthony A.
Milpitas, CA

Very Professional

“Thanks, Kenny. It really was a pleasure working with you. Very professional and thoughtful. Maybe we can find something else to purchase in the future.”

James S.
New York, NY

A Rarity In The Art Business

“Mr. Ackerman not only knows what he’s doing but is a straight shooter – a rarity in the art business.”

Richmond, CA

We Recommend Ackerman’s

“We were very satisfied with our experience dealing with Ackerman’s Fine Art and recommend doing business with them. “

Harry L.
New York, NY

I Endorse AFA Without Reservation

“My experience with AFA has been most favorable. I consigned an oil painting which, on inspection by the gallery, was deemed to be in unstable condition. The AFA team contacted a reputable auction house, and forwarded the piece for inclusion in their live sale. AFA’s conduct was most professional and they truly went the extra mile to have my piece marketed in the appropriate venue. The auction was successful, and I realized a price in excess of my reserve. I am completely satisfied and endorse AFA without reservation.”
Frank R.
Falls Church, VA

Easy and Stress Free

“Ackerman’s Fine Art was the right choice to work with to sell our painting. Kenny and his staff’s knowledge of the genre, their patience, and their prompt follow-through on all of their commitments made the process easy and stress free. Not only would we recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell, but we plan to work with them again in the future.”

Marc O.
Potomac, MD

Highly Recommended

Renoir | Une Fille | Ackerman's Fine Art

“I am very pleased with Ackerman’s Gallery. We agreed on a price and payment was very prompt. Kenny was excellent to deal with and I highly recommend this Gallery.”

John R.
Nova Scotia, Canada